Tents and Trees

Place a tent next to each tree in this original puzzle game! New exclusive levels every day, unlimited free hints, offline play and much more!

Starlight X-2: Galactic Puzzles

Starlight X-2 is a space-themed puzzle game. Position stars and asteroids in clever ways to illuminate planets.

DNA Mutations Puzzles

A scientific retro puzzle game about DNA!🧬
You need to modify DNA to match the target. You have a limited number of mutations that you can apply in any order.

3 Seconds: Can you spot it?

Can you spot the different shape in less than 3 seconds?⏱

Grids of Thermometers

Grids of Thermometers delivers the relaxed fun of a pen-and-paper logic game right to your fingertips!

Mirrors & Reflections Puzzles

In this logic puzzle game, place mirrors to direct the lasers to their proper exit!
Guess the orientation of the mirrors with logic only in 1040 levels. No random moves.

Hashi Extreme Puzzles

Take Hashi to a whole new level with variants on the classic puzzle game!
Use your logic only to connect the islands together and solve the 1120 puzzles. Variants with more bridges and diagonals will keep you entertained for days.

Boats Solitaire Puzzles

In this logic puzzle game, you need to find the battleships hidden in a grid.
Guess the location of the boats with logic only. No random moves.
Use the hints displayed at the end of each row and column to help you solve the 720 puzzles.

Hashi Puzzles: Bridges & Islands

Hashiwokakero (also called Ai-Ki-Ai, Bridges or Chopsticks) is the new sudoku-like game that will keep you entertained for hours!
Try to complete every levels of this logic puzzle game!


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