New Levels and Cloud Save Now Available in Thermometers Puzzles

We are proud to announce the new update of Thermometers Puzzles. This update is available today and contains two highly requested features:

  • More Levels: Two new packs of 100 levels each are added to the game. It brings the total number of levels to 1160!
  • Cloud Save: Google Play users can now upload and restore their saves in the cloud, using Google Play Games “Saved Games” feature. Play on your phone in the subway, and complete your level on your tablet in your couch!

To celebrate the release of this update, you can purchase all the packs at the current price of $4.99 until October 31st ($5.99 from November 1st).

Download the game for Free right now for your favorite mobile platform:

1 levelp

2 levelq

3 gpg

4 packq