Unit testing in video games

Introduction I develop video games since 2002. I worked full-time from 2002 to 2013 in a AAA video game company (mostly C++, PC and Console games). And I run Frozax Games as an independent developer (during the evenings and week-ends) since 2005. In 2013, I started a new full-time job in a network security company, […]

New Levels and Cloud Save Now Available in Thermometers Puzzles

We are proud to announce the new update of Thermometers Puzzles. This update is available today and contains two highly requested features: More Levels: Two new packs of 100 levels each are added to the game. It brings the total number of levels to 1160! Cloud Save: Google Play users can now upload and restore […]

Behavior Analysis of 50,000 Mobile Players

About 5 months ago, I released Thermometers Puzzles on all major mobile platforms. On Google Play, downloads were quite decent and reached 50,000 players a few weeks ago. I took some time to extract data gathered with Game Analytics SDK and analyze the behavior of 50,128 Android players. Part #1: Pack completion Levels are grouped […]

Automatic APK versioning with git and gradle

Until recently, all my Android mobile games were built using Eclipse. As I made a new game recently, I found out that now everything is made for Android Studio and Gradle. I didn’t want to change my build system at first but recently found two reasons to make the change: I want to use recent […]

Thermometers Puzzles Sales & Downloads Statistics

Thermometers Puzzles was released a few weeks ago, it’s a good time to have a first look at some statistics. Here are the release dates on the different platforms: Google Play: March 11th Amazon App Store: March 19th iTunes: March 22nd Windows Store: March 31st Downloads As I didn’t spend any time or money marketing […]

Thermometers Puzzles 1.1.0

The new version of Thermometers Puzzles is here, with many improvements: Now available on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 10! New power-user controls: slide after a long press to modify multiple cells at once. The grid size is displayed in game, you won’t ask you again: “what’s the grid size already?” Improved the numbers […]

C# CSV Reader (compatible with unity)

Why? I need a CSV (comma-separated values) parser to use in my next project, in Unity (C#). I looked at existing parsers but all the ones I found were missing some features, or not available in source code. I ported the simple but efficient parser I made in my mobile games to C# (was C++). […]

Mersenne Twister PRNG C# implementation

I’m trying Unity 3D and needed a random number generator that would run exactly the same on every platform. I don’t want to use Unity’s RNG because I can’t risk it to change in an update. Therefore, I implemented my own Mersenne Twister implementation in C#. This code is based on the Python implementation of […]

Commander sa Freebox dans Minecraft: Inutile, donc Indispensable!

English version Voici un article à propos de mon dernier projet annexe: commander sa Freebox dans Minecraft! Bon, ce n’est pas aussi pratique que d’utiliser la télécommande mais c’est intéressant à faire et ça fonctionne bien! Vous pouvez le voir en action dans la vidéo, je détaille ensuite la technique. Comment ça marche ? Les […]