First Screenshot of Spring Up! on XNA

Here is the first screenshot of Spring Up! XNA. It was made using a windows build of the XNA project.

First Spring Up! screenshot
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This screenshot was taken two days ago, just before starting to work on the game and physics code. Here, the rendering components and textures are properly imported to XNA. Background generation is using RenderToTexture (it was a software generation of a texture in Win/Mac). Game items are properly displayed, with the launcher and receiver in place. It is clear that I will have to make choices to handle the difference of resolution (from 800×600 to 1280×720).

So this was quite fast, and I don’t think I will have much trouble with the game specific code. However, I am already having difficulties with the physics part. And with Christmas coming very soon, I will probably not spend a lot of time working.

If you have any questions/remarks, feel free to comment!