Spring Up Harmony is LIVE!

Finally, after nearly three weeks of submission, Spring Up Harmony went live on the marketplace Monday.

I really hope players will like the game. I you try the game, feel free to post any feedback (both positive and negative) here!

Even though I will spend some time doing marketing, I already have a few ideas for future games. Stay tuned!


  1. Hey man, I already tweeted you, but just thought I’d also come here and say that I really like this game. Nice work!

  2. Thanks Kent! :)

  3. Grats on going live! I know how tiring the peer-review process can be… *grumbles*.

    Keep at it, oh and will you be writing a post-mortem?


  4. Thanks! Yes I will probably do a post-mortem. Until now the sales are terrible :/

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