Spring Up Harmony PC – Rewards and Tips

Hi, the release of Spring Up Harmony PC will probably happen in the following weeks. Here is a post about the rewards included in the game and some tips for the hard ones.

Beginner: Complete the first level of the game
Top Scorer: Score 200,000 points in one level. Tip: Choose your level carefully when aiming for this reward.
Just in Time: Complete a level with less than 10 seconds left
Fast: Complete a level in seven shots or less. Tip: Only aim for harmony balls.
The End: Complete all the 35 single-player levels
Multiplayer: Play 10 multi-player games
Catcher: Catch 500 objects with the bucket
Clean: Remove all objects of a level. Tip: Make sure to keep harmony balls for the end of the level.
Five: Complete five levels
Two in One: Hit two harmony objects in one shot. Tip: aim carefully and you should get this reward easily.
Addict: Play the game for five hours.
Shooter: Shoot 500 balls
Bronze Medal: Get a global score of 500,000
Silver Medal: Get a global score of 1,000,000
Gold Medal: Get a global score of 2,000,000. Tip: make combos, catch items and hit as much items as possible

Some rewards are easy, some are difficulty and some take some time but I’m sure you’ll love getting them all!

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