Why and How I left Plimus for Esellerate

To sell my PC and Mac games, I used Plimus since 2005. I made the switch to eSellerate this week. Why I left At first, I was only selling games that were sold directly from my site. I developed PC and Mac games. However, the last few years, I also developped games on Xbox360 (Indie Games) […]

Useful C# and Visual Studio tips you might not know

While working on my next game, I tried to keep notes of interesting tips I used. They are related to C# and Visual Studio. Overriding ToString() When debugging or prototyping, you often need to display complex objects on the screen on in the debugger output. A handy way to do this when dealing with complex […]

Spring Up Harmony PC – Rewards and Tips

Hi, the release of Spring Up Harmony PC will probably happen in the following weeks. Here is a post about the rewards included in the game and some tips for the hard ones. Beginner: Complete the first level of the game Top Scorer: Score 200,000 points in one level. Tip: Choose your level carefully when […]