Don’t Feed the Trolls Sales Stats (Xbox Live Indie Game)

Don’t Feed the Trolls (try it!) was released on September, 23rd, it’s now time to look at the sales numbers. As of today, I sold 207 copies of the game.

don't feed the trolls sales per day

The sales are better than my first XBL Indie Game (Spring Up Harmony, stats here). However, Spring Up Harmony was initially sold 240 MS Points, and Don’t Feed the Trolls is sold 80 MS Points. Don’t Feed the Trolls was also faster to develop, but art costs were similar to Spring Up Harmony ($500). I need about 750 sales to recover all my costs. I don’t think I will reach this threshold.

Don't feed the trolls Sales per Country

I could recover Spring Up Harmony’s costs with the PC version of the game (especially with the 5 For $5 Bundle). I hope to do the same with Don’t Feed the Trolls, and I’m porting it right now on Android (and probably iPhone later). I think the game is too simple to be sold of PC, but mobile phones are great for this kind of game.

As commonly reported by indie developers, I also don’t find the XBLIG platform very lucrative (but it can be).

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