Video : Dynamic level demo and background effect update

The development of Spring Up XNA has been going pretty well last week.

Here is a new video, please note that it is still not the final art, just placeholders for now :

You can see the following:

  • New ways of using the physics engine in the levels (joints, gravity…)
  • Small improvements on the background : slight halo around targets, bloom reacting to matches, especially when hitting sparkling balls (the sparkling balls are part of a modification of gameplay from Spring Up PC/Mac. I will talk about it later. This is also the reason I cropped the borders of the video ;)).
  • New particle effects (code in place, art also not final)

These days, I also implemented the sound effects (I just recoded the wavs available in the original version), improved the level editor, added many types of objects (bumpers, shrinkable balls, motors, splines…), added player score with statistics…

Globally, it’s going well, but I am having difficulties in level design. I find it very hard to innovate in each level but I still have a few interesting level prototypes in place.

Hope you like it!