5 for $5 Bundle and Spring Up Harmony Statistics

As you probably know, Spring Up Harmony was in the 5 For $5 Bundle (also called buygamesnotsocks). You can read a full postmortem of the bundle on Jorge Rodriguez’ blog. With data gathered from my leaderboards, I made a few statistics (I love stats ;)). Though the bundle sold 3,642 copies, I have (only) 1,139 “bundle players” on the leaderboards, but new bundle players are still appearing every day.

I will show you four graphs.

Levels completed per day

The first graph is showing the levels completed per day. Note that the bundle went out on June, 22th, and ended on July, 3rd.


The days are based on GMT, therefore, on the graph the bundle went live at 6pm. The first full day is June, 23rd. Today, I still have about 4 to 5 times more players than before the bundle.

Activity of the game depending on the time of day

The second graph shows the activity of the game depending on the time of day.


This time, I converted the graph to be based on Pacific Standard Time (USA West Coast). I didn’t put numbers on the vertical axis because it’s just meant to show variation of players throughout the day.

Nationality of the players

The third graph shows the nationality of the players.


The results are not really a surprise, especially since the bundle was in English and news sites writing about the bundle were mostly all american websites. There are players from 47 different countries.

Number of levels completed per player

This fourth graph shows the number of levels completed per player. The game has 35 levels.


I’m happy that many players completed the game. I tried to find a reason to the spike of players doing 9 levels but could not find any. I don’t think the 10th level is that terrible 😉


I am really happy that this bundle gave the opportunity to people to play Spring Up Harmony. Many players would never have heard of it without the bundle. And I also think some players bought the bundle because of some other games but took the time to try them all.

I’ll use this article to thank to all the great developers involved in the bundle, and especially Jorge who organized it very well!

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