5 For $5 Bundle is LIVE!


Today, four indie game developers and Frozax Games launched a new bundle : 5 Games for $5, check out the trailer:

The games are:

These are all great games, try them now and support indie developers! The website is here and you can buy a bundle here!

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  1. Avatar Tim

    I bought the bundle today. Spring Up Harmony is crashing on load, which is a shame, as I’d love to give it a try.

    It’s saying: System.InvalidOperationException: Song playback failed. Please verify that the song is not DRM protected. DRM protected songs are not supported for creator games. —> System.InvalidOperationException: An unexpected error has occurred.

    Then giving a stack trace.
    I’m on Windows 7, but otherwise my system is pretty uncontroversial. Any suggestions?

  2. I’m sending you an email right now to fix this problem.

  3. Tim’s problem is fixed. It was caused by a missing or corrupt Windows Media Player. If you can’t get a WMP properly installed, contact me and I help you fix the game.

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