Gameplay of Don’t Feed the Trolls

Here is a description of the gameplay of Don’t Feed the Trolls. If you don’t know it yet, it will be available soon for iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android devices.


The gameplay is simple : bears and trolls spawn on the screen, you need to feed the bears and slap the trolls with the touch screen. Ten crazy characters add variety to the gameplay. There are four different game modes:

gm_classic_smallClassic mode:  Successive levels lasting less than a minute, where you need to make a perfect run to get the three stars. The game introduces new characters in each level. There are three unlockable difficulty levels.

gm_100bears_small100 bears mode: Feed 100 bears as fast as possible. You should probably use both hands on this one to make high scores. Be careful, a single troll hides among them!

gm_slapfest_smallSlap Party: Have fun slapping dozens of trolls spawning as fast as possible!

gm_versus_smallVersus: Play with a friend on the same screen. Feed your bears before your opponent while avoiding to feed the trolls.

Each mode has its multiplatform (iOS/Android) leaderboard. You can also unlock 20 achievements. On iOS, achievements and leaderboard are available in Game Center.