Des Tentes et des Arbres est disponible!

[English version here] Vous pouvez dès à présent télécharger notre dernier jeu “Des Tentes et des Arbres” sur Android ou iPhone/iPad! Notre dernier jeu Des Tentes et des Arbres est maintenant disponible! Essayez-le dès maintenant (téléchargement gratuit): Placez une tente près de chaque arbre dans ce nouveau jeu de logique! Les numéros autour de la […]

Tents and Trees is now available in mobile stores!

Our latest game Tents and Trees Puzzles is now available! Try it out now (free download): Place a tent next to each tree in this original puzzle game! Numbers around the grid tell you how many tents must be placed on each row and column. Be careful, tents can’t touch each other. Solve all levels […]

Sales and Ads Stats of an iOS / Android Game

Don’t Feed the Trolls has been released for more than two months now, and revenue is slowing down. I think it’s a good time to look at how much money the game made. The game and the business model Don’t Feed the Trolls is an arcade reflex game released on Google Play on May, 3rd, […]

Don’t Feed the Trolls 1.2 “Bears Update” is now Live!

A new version of Don’t Feed the Trolls is now available on iPhone/iPad and Android ! This major update adds nine levels, three characters, and five achievements. Discover new gameplay with the sleeping bear, the twin bears or the invisible bear and keep slapping the trolls getting in your way. Collect the additional stars and take […]

Optimizing Graphics Performance on iOS and Android

The main device is used during the development of Don’t Feed the Trolls is an Acer Iconia Tab A500. It’s quite powerful and I never met performance issues with it. Of course, I tested the game on many other iOS and Android devices. I was surprised to discover strong performance issues on a HTC Desire. In […]

Don’t Feed the Trolls v1.0.1 iOS now available

As you may have noticed, Don’t Feed the Trolls 1.0 (iTunes, Google Play) has a few bugs with Game Center on iOS When the game displays your name on the leaderboards, the numbers and special characters were ignored. When the game displays your name on the leaderboards, if you name is short, invalid characters were […]