Price drops : better late than never!

I probably should have done this a long time ago, but I finally changed the prices of my games to adapt to current market. Here are the old and new prices: l Spring Up! Around the World Shapy Deluxe $19.99 $ 6.99 $19.95 $ 6.99 $9.95 $ 1.99 Recently, many big companies involved in casual […]

Win/Mac and X360 differences (2) : Screen resolution and aspect ratio

The second “Win/Mac and X360 differences” post is about the aspect ratio and resolutions of the screen. This may not apply to all games as more and more casual games nowadays can be played on multiple resolutions included the X360 ones. However, I decided to write a post about it because that’s a problem I […]

Win/Mac and X360 differences (1) : C++ and C#

I will write a series of posts about the differences in developing for Windows (or Mac) and working for X360 with XNA Game Studio. The first post of these series is about the most obvious difference : the programming language. All my PC and Mac games were developed in C++ because that’s the language I’m […]

First Screenshot of Spring Up! on XNA

Here is the first screenshot of Spring Up! XNA. It was made using a windows build of the XNA project. Click to Enlarge This screenshot was taken two days ago, just before starting to work on the game and physics code. Here, the rendering components and textures are properly imported to XNA. Background generation is […]

Using (bad) reviews to improve your game

I’ll port Spring Up!, but it won’t be an exact copy of the game. I will spend time to fix some problems people have seen. I could not afford many tests when releasing Spring Up! for Mac and PC. I only saw a few people playing the game before the release. Now that I’m making […]

Porting Spring Up! to Xbox Live Indie Games

Hello and Welcome! I’m opening this blog because I’m starting a new project (well it started a few weeks ago). I will talk about it here and show progress from time to time. I’m porting Spring Up!, my last game made for PC and Mac to XBLIG (Xbox Live). I always wanted to try to […]