C# CSV Reader (compatible with unity)

Why? I need a CSV (comma-separated values) parser to use in my next project, in Unity (C#). I looked at existing parsers but all the ones I found were missing some features, or not available in source code. I ported the simple but efficient parser I made in my mobile games to C# (was C++). […]

Mersenne Twister PRNG C# implementation

I’m trying Unity 3D and needed a random number generator that would run exactly the same on every platform. I don’t want to use Unity’s RNG because I can’t risk it to change in an update. Therefore, I implemented my own Mersenne Twister implementation in C#. This code is based on the Python implementation of […]

Commander sa Freebox dans Minecraft: Inutile, donc Indispensable!

English version Voici un article à propos de mon dernier projet annexe: commander sa Freebox dans Minecraft! Bon, ce n’est pas aussi pratique que d’utiliser la télécommande mais c’est intéressant à faire et ça fonctionne bien! Vous pouvez le voir en action dans la vidéo, je détaille ensuite la technique. Comment ça marche ? Les […]

Controlling your TV using Minecraft: Useless, but Fun!

Version en Français Here are the details of my latest side-project: controlling my TV from inside Minecraft! It’s surely slower than using the remote control, but it was interesting to make and it’s working! You can see it in action in the video, and read about the technical aspects below. How does it work ? […]

Looking for Windows Phone 8 Beta Testers

EDIT : Game is now live! Download it for free here! I bought a Windows Phone 8 recently (Nokia Lumia 620) to port my mobile games from Android/iOS to Windows Phone 8. I have a version of my game Hashi Puzzles : Bridges & Islands running on WP8 and I’m looking for beta testers to […]

Hashi Extreme Puzzles Sales and Ads Stats

The Game Hashi Extreme Puzzles is a game I released on Android (February, 22th, Download on Google Play) and iPhone/iPad (March, 7th, Download on AppStore). The game is free to download and was released with 560 levels. Levels are grouped in packs: there are 4 free packs with 40 levels each and 4 paid packs […]

Mobile Game Localization: Countries, Numbers and Statistics

I’ve released a series of puzzle games on mobile (you can check them on the sidebar). Don’t Feed the Trolls and Hashi Puzzles: Bridges & Islands were localized in English and French; Battleship Solitaire Puzzles in ten languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese/Brazilian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean); and Hashi Extreme Puzzles in eleven languages (same […]