Don’t Feed the Trolls v1.0.1 iOS now available

As you may have noticed, Don’t Feed the Trolls 1.0 (iTunes, Google Play) has a few bugs with Game Center on iOS When the game displays your name on the leaderboards, the numbers and special characters were ignored. When the game displays your name on the leaderboards, if you name is short, invalid characters were […]

Beta Testing Don’t Feed the Trolls on iOS/Android

Don’t Feed the Trolls on iOS/Android is coming soon! However, before releasing it, I would like to do “live testing” with players around the world to improve the game, and especially: – Gameplay tuning and difficulty – Device compatibility – Game stability and bugs – Localization errors (English and French) – Online leaderboards testing If […]

Gameplay of Don’t Feed the Trolls

Here is a description of the gameplay of Don’t Feed the Trolls. If you don’t know it yet, it will be available soon for iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android devices. The gameplay is simple : bears and trolls spawn on the screen, you need to feed the bears and slap the trolls with the touch screen. Ten […]

Why and How I left Plimus for Esellerate

To sell my PC and Mac games, I used Plimus since 2005. I made the switch to eSellerate this week. Why I left At first, I was only selling games that were sold directly from my site. I developed PC and Mac games. However, the last few years, I also developped games on Xbox360 (Indie Games) […]

Don’t Feed the Trolls coming to iOS and Android

It’s now confirmed and official. The next game released by Frozax Games will (hopefully) be a new version of Don’t Feed the Trolls, for iOS and Android. However, it will not be a simple port of the Xbox 360 version. Are are some of improvements : Improved graphics (see screenshot below) Intuitive touch gameplay (very cool […]

Why and how to pack your textures for iOS/Android

Introduction When I developed Don’t Feed the Trolls on X360 (using XNA), I did not optimize the textures files of the game : the game was very simple, the final hardware (X360) is very fast, so it was not necessary. I arranged the sprites so that I could get their coordinates in-game very easily. Every […]

Android Game Development : from Java to C++ (with cocos2d-x)

Introduction In a previous post (here), I was talking about my progress with libgdx, a Java library for Android (and other platforms). Shortly after writing this article, I realized that there is a big disadvantage that I forgot to talk about. It’s so big that it made me stop using libgdx : It is not […]